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Saturday, August 10
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7pm
$50 to $75


For the first time ever in the US!

Ambassadors of Colombian Pacific Music in the World

Hailing from El Chocó, Colombia, the trio, who is known for their innovative style that combines hip hop and traditional Colombian sounds, is currently touring around the US.

Choc (Choco) Quib (Quibdó) Town (our town), Colombian hip-hop and alternative music band. Has become one of the most internationally well-known Latin American bands. Mixing urban sounds with folklore from the pacific coast region, they initially achieved success independently and now with Sony Music Latin have become a group of musicians, ambassadors of Colombian music in the world. Their sound merges funk, hip hop, reggae, pop, Latin rhythms and elements of electronic music to produce elaborate beats resulting in a blend of flavors.